Submerged Arc Welding Equipment

When it comes to creating highly durable metal structures that can withstand high temperatures, pressures, or other difficult conditions, traditional joining methods such as rivets may not perform to the correct level. Welding the two pieces of metal together into one cohesive piece is the ideal alternative, but the special equipment it requires demands careful consideration. Welding hardware encompasses broad categories and not every unit has the capabilities to perform in every application. For example, a welding setup designed for use in an industrial shop will be vastly different than welding work that must take place in an underwater environment. In some use cases, automation can even play a role, reducing labour costs and improving efficiency.

So, with all these options on the table, how does an operation equip itself with the right tools for success? At Renteca, answering that question is our primary focus. By providing a trusted, industry-leading source for used tank welding equipment and other hardware, we open doors to solving the challenges of industry. Here is a quick look at what we do to make that happen.

The Renteca advantage when choosing used welding equipment

"How can I trust used welding equipment?" is among the most-asked question we receive when businesses first make forays into this area. It makes sense: this is a serious investment, and the equipment will slot into a vital role. Failures that create work stoppages must be kept to a minimum whenever possible. To that end, Renteca's trained and OEM certified technicians give every piece of equipment a very thorough examination, including visually inspecting components for wear, replacing parts that are not up to our standards, and run to spec under load. We guarantee that all equipment sold fully complies with manufacturer specifications.

Renteca typically attaches at least a three-month warranty to all pre-owned equipment sales, delivering additional peace of mind. Furthermore, with the skill and staff to provide service for welding equipment manufactured by both Miller and Lincoln, we extend the ability to maintain pre-owned equipment to a high level for years to come. It’s simply another part of our long-term commitment to creating value for our clients every way we can.

Equip your venture with all the right tools for success

Whether you opt to purchase pre-owned submerged arc welding equipment or to rent instead, Renteca delivers a premier level of service founded on a dedication to offering clients a path towards solutions which are both valuable and trustworthy. As a market leader with more than a decade and a half of time in the industry, our record of quality speaks for itself. As we endeavour to provide our clients with all the tools necessary for success, we hope to forge long-lasting partnerships which persist past the initial sale. With service and maintenance available, you can trust in our ability to help protect your investment in welding automation equipment. Look through all our welding equipment now, or contact us, online or by phone, to find out more.