Vertical Up Welder

Make: KOIKE Model: Custom
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Top Features

  • Single pass automatic welding system
  • X-Ray Quality Welds
  • Unlimited tank diameters

The Ransome VUP single pass automatic welding system delivers faster, consistent, x-ray quality vertical welds on field erected storage tanks and other applications. The VUP can handle vertical joint welding on plates 3/8" to 1" thick 6 ft to 10 ft high.


The Automatic Vertical Up (VUP) Welder consists of:

  • Lincoln NA3 Wire Feeder
  • Lincoln NA-3 Control
  • Lincoln DC-1000 Power Source
  • Vertical Support Column
  • Front and Rear Sliding Shoe
  • Water Recirculator
  • Power Skid
  • Lifting Bale
  • Input Power Disconnect
  • 200 Feet of Control Cable
  • Tropicalized Controls
  • Manual or Powered Lateral Travel
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