The Benefits of Purchasing a Lincoln Air Vantage

The right equipment can make all the difference when it comes to approaching a large fabrication job or a difficult construction task. With welding, that need for dependable equipment is a central concern. Not only can underpowered or incorrect equipment lead to poorer quality results, but it can also lead to delays. Avoiding these issues requires locating equipment that is dependable, cost-effective, and of course versatile enough for many roles.

At Renteca, we understand these needs. Beyond providing this type of equipment for hire, we also make options available for organisations looking to upgrade or replace existing hardware. For example, we can supply businesses with a pre-owned Lincoln Air Vantage for sale, checked and verified for compliance by factory trained technicians. With a reputation as a compact and powerful unit versatile enough for many industries, there are many reasons it could be the ideal fit for your purposes. Consider a few of the reasons it stands out from the pack.

Why choose an Air Vantage for sale?

Arc welding is an incredibly effective process, but successful work only occurs when welders can draw enough power to work on the object in question. Some tasks require less power, while others require far more electricity to be able to create the perfectly fused joint that can withstand high stresses. For industrial shops or construction crews that work with a variety of materials, choosing a welding generator that can scale to the needs of the day is essential.

Powered by a diesel engine and built in VMAC compressor, this relatively compact unit features five separate welding modes and a variety of controls to fine-tune its electrical output to scale to different work requirements. Outlets for a variety of power outputs further enhance its functionality. The unit has 60cfm or air available for gouging or air tools.

Why else might you want to purchase an AirVantagefor sale? The build quality is evident inside as well. Potted Printed circuit boards, engine protection system, self bleeding engine, gear driven camshaft, 28 hour run time at full load. Simplified and streamlined engineering reduces the number of potential failure points, from the wiring harnesses to the construction of the engine itself. High-quality materials, such as copper windings and the stainless-steel exterior, further improve dependability.

Prepare for the work ahead with Renteca

In the most challenging conditions and for the most demanding of jobs, the Lincoln Air Vantage we provide for sale is unparalleled in its abilities to enable welding wherever a need exists. Take a moment to learn about more of the reasons to choose Renteca when you require an experienced, dedicated supplier and maintainer of equipment at this level. With our thorough understanding of your industry's demands, we look to develop long-term relationships that can produce consistently successful results. We encourage you also to explore the facts behind our welding repair abilities. To begin a conversation about whether an Air Vantage is the right choice for a particular application, or to enquire about sales, please contact us.