Generator Hire and Installation Brisbane




Power security is imperative for any business. Particularly for construction and maintenance projects, manufactures, primary producers and commercial builders. Choosing the right power supply solutions for a given project or application is an essential step to keep operations not only supplied with reliable low risk power but ensuring the total cost of ownership is considered and cost vs returns are optimised. It is often a task that is "easier said than done," and you may encounter situations where you must augment the existing equipment on-site to prevent delays or enhance capabilities. For example, a 25 kva, 100kva or 60kva diesel generator hire can act as an important supplement to existing on-site power options when a change in the circumstances of the work necessitates extra capacity. Other scenarios may demand power on such a short-term basis that an outright purchase becomes infeasible. During procurement it is essential to analyse your load requirements including risk and consequences of potential failure.

Regardless of the reason you choose to explore renting generators, who you select to deliver that equipment matters. At Renteca, we think there are three things that industrial operators should look for when hiring this type of hardware in Brisbane.

The key reasons to choose a proven provider for generator hire or sales in Brisbane

  1. A well-developed technical understanding. It's not possible to provide the highest level of service without first knowing what a customer needs. Over nearly two decades of experience underpins Renteca's ability to identify solutions that conform to your requirements. By providing a clear and transparent process for renting equipment alongside open lines of communication, pinpointing suitable hardware for a job is more straightforward. Our electrical engineers and electricians have specific skills in developing the correct power supply solution or any given application.
  2. An expansive range of dependable and fully compliant equipment by leading manufactures such as Cat, Perkins, Pramac and Denyo. By maintaining a consistent inventory of all the necessary equipment, from parts to generators of every power level, Renteca makes it as easy to secure a 60kva generator hire as it is to purchase basic accessories. When choosing a rental option, trust in the hired equipment’s ability to perform to specifications is an absolute necessity. We employ proficient, OEM factory-trained technicians who put every generator through structured pre-delivery inspections, load testing and other operational tests ensuring the equipment is compliant and performance ready,
  3. Service that goes beyond sales. A good service plan is perhaps the most important advantage brought to the table by the Renteca team. We understand that unique or site-specific challenges may influence the choice to rent equipment. Therefore, we offer a range of additional help, including in-depth advice to support your project with the right equipment and operational procedures. Our service extends to providing generator installation across Brisbane. Wherever you need help, we commit to helping achieve project milestones.
  4. Renteca provides equipment from market leading manufactures including Cat. Cheap gensets often originate from non-aligned independent factories in China with little documentation or consistent quality control. Commonly spare parts are misaligned, radiators are often poorly secured with low quality cores and cheaply constructed exhaust systems. Don’t forget about out of sight items such as alternator varnish and windings , AVR brand, circuit breakers etc.
  5. Renteca provide financing for not only the generator but the installation costs and balance of plant component as well. Our financing plan for a small 11kva generator is as low as the cost of 2 cartons of beer per week.

The ideal solution for projects of any size

No matter the precise demands of your project, choosing Renteca for a generator hire in Brisbane can lead to positive outcomes. Our 25, 60, and 100 kva generator hire options are just the beginning; we have a range of more powerful units suitable for even the most challenging heavy-duty applications including mine site power, construction supplies and commercial buildings.

As licensed electrical contractors, you can also place your confidence in our teams' ability to deliver the unit on time, install it quickly and safely, and commission the equipment for immediate operation — all while remaining fully standards-compliant. Take this opportunity to browse the selection of generators and learn more about our value-added services. Then find out more about the flexibility of our rental packages when you contact us today.