How to Purchase Diesel Generators in Sydney

Power generation is a crucial need for numerous crews and organisations working throughout the Sydney region. If you need a generator to complete your next project in a remote area, you’ll need to make sure that you carefully vet any piece of equipment for sale that you find. After all, generators in Sydney need to be more than modern and affordable. They also have to be powerful, reliable, and (perhaps above all) compliant. Finding generators for sale in Sydney that are Performance Ready can allow you to go about your work with confidence that your equipment and the company from which you purchased it are dependable, allowing you to put the majority of your resources into ensuring desirable business performance.

Different Types of Generators for Sale in Sydney (and How to Choose Yours)

When you set out to purchase a generator, you will have to consider the power supply it uses. Generators typically come in three varieties: diesel, gas, and hybrid systems. Each of these choices has its pros and cons, but many industry professionals prefer to use diesel generators in Sydney. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each type offers:

  • Diesel generators tend to be fuel efficient, which means their operators can save money when running them for extended periods. They run at lower temperatures than gas generators too, which often gives diesel models a longer lifespan. As such, diesel generators are preferred for many industrial applications, especially when large amounts of power are required for long periods of time. Diesel generators used to have a reputation for making lots of noise, but newer versions run much quieter.
  • Gas generators tend to burn cleaner than diesel models, and often have lower price points. They are typically used for smaller applications, such as backup power supply for residential buildings in remote regions.
  • Hybrid generators allow for the integration of conventional diesel generators with renewable energy sources or an electrical grid with a built-in energy storage system. They are most frequently used in telecom infrastructure, and to provide power for installations in remote regions.

How Can Renteca Help?

Renteca offers diesel generators for sale in Sydney that are ideal for multiple industrial applications. Our GSW Higher Power series provides power for applications requiring more than 815kVA, while our GX-GB-GS series is ideal for projects that demand up to 830kVA. Models in each series can be made in open or canopied variants, with several control panels from which to choose. The GSW series can also be made in a container version, with a modular design. Additionally, we offer a range of gas generators suitable for residential use and hybrid models for limited-access areas. We can customise any of our options to a certain extent to serve your specific power generation needs.

Learn more about how our work can help you power your own. Contact Renteca as soon as possible and speak with an experienced member of our staff.