A Guide to Choosing Between Diesel Generators for Sale in Melbourne

Are you considering the use of diesel generators for your next Melbourne area project? You’re not alone. Facility owners, project overseers, and various team leaders are beginning to look for diesel generators for sale in Melbourne, and Renteca can provide you with premium options and end-to-end services. We offer a range of generators for sale in Melbourne, including high quality diesel models with the following specs:

Our Diesel Generators in Melbourne: The GX-GB-GS Series and the GSW Higher Power Series

We offer a range of diesel-powered models in our GX-GB-GS series, which come in both open and canopied variants. They are also available in your choice of several different control panel schemes. These models are intended to supply power for applications requiring up to 830kVA.

Clients who routinely require power of more than 815kVA may benefit more from our GSW Higher Power range of diesel generators, which come in three different variants. Our open and canopied versions are similar to those for the GX-GB-GS series, but we also make our GSW generators in modular containerised versions that can be moved and placed much like standard shipping containers.

Other Generators Available from Renteca

In addition to providing clients with the diesel generators listed above, Renteca is fully capable of providing both gas and hybrid power generators. Our gas generators are ideal for supplying residential buildings or for standby applications, whereas our hybrid power models can be of excellent use in telecom installations and for providing power to areas with limited access due to environmental factors. Renteca also provide Cat generators from Energy Power Systems Australia.

One of the other ways in which we set ourselves apart at Renteca is by providing custom solutions to clients upon request. We can provide equipment with super silent operating capabilities, generators with unique control schemes, units for medium-voltage applications, and more—including power panels.

At Renteca, we do more than merely design and sell the products listed above. We also take it upon ourselves to perform installations of our products and to offer commissioning services so that our clients will always feel supported when they choose to buy or rent equipment from us. Purchasing a generator can be an immense responsibility, so it’s vital that you set the stage for your success by partnering with a seller who will provide you with a valuable long-term relationship.

Diesel generators offer many benefits to their users, including:

  • Greater fuel efficiency than gas generators
  • Newer models create much less noise than previous iterations
  • Lower operating temperatures than gas generators, which may result in longer lifespans for diesel generators

… and Renteca can help you purchase high-quality options. When you’re in the market for a new generator in the Sydney area, make sure to contact us and speak with someone on our team about how the products we offer can meet your needs. We’ll be happy to provide you with additional information you can use to make the best possible choice for your organisation.