Established in 2003, Renteca has been providing specialised equipment support to a regionally and industry diverse customer base throughout Australia for 15 years. A recognised market leader in the supply of welding related products we are proud to be a strong, consistent and reliable supply partner for our customers nationally across various industries.

Our core service offer includes the hire of welding equipment, specialty equipment such as induction heating and weld automation products, generator sales, generator installation and equipment repairs.


We have proven technical expertise and experience that allows us to provide solutions and support beyond the transactional.


We are trusted partners that never let our customers down. Our capacity to deploy large quantities of welding products to major projects and shutdowns with extremely short deployment timeframes is market leading in Australia.


We use our experience to provide value adding solutions our competitors can’t match.

Rotating Ring - Outer
Rotating Ring - Inner

Our Vision

Quality equipment and asset support services on every Australian project.

Our Mission

To apply our specialist knowledge in welding technologies, power generation, project logistics, equipment maintenance and equipment refurbishment to benefit our customers.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the best service and solutions for our clients, so they can be performance ready.

Our Values


Accountability and ownership

We empower our employees to be accountable for their own actions and use good judgement.


Safe, innovative, and reliable products

Compliant and reliable products which provide solutions for our  customers underpins our service offer.
Our technical knowledge  and experience allows us to offer solutions and innovations that our competitors can’t match.


Listen to and support our customers

Our customers come first always.


Conduct our business with integrity

We  act honestly and never compromise the truth.


Develop and support our employees

Our business is about people. Skilled, knowledgeable and committed employees are essential to our success.


Mutual Respect

We respect the ideas of others as well as our own.

Our experience spans a wide range of industries